server_remote - A Rails plugin for easily accessing servers

Note: this post is out of date. This tool is now a gem instead of a plugin; read all about it here.

I just released server_remote on github. It is a plugin for connecting to remote servers. Once installed, it provides commands via script/remote:

* remote shell – same as ssh’ing to the server (this is the default command, so it can be called with just remote)

* remote console – executes a script/console on the server

* remote logtail – executes tail -f log/<environment>.log on the server

Configuration is in config/server_remote.yml, and is grouped into profiles.

Here is the output of remote usage:

 Executes commands on a remote server over ssh. Configuration is in:
You can override the profile used with -p profile. The default profile is: app
Learn more in the readme:
remote commands are:
commands          List all 'remote' commands
console           executes remote console
help              Provide help documentation for a command
logtail           executes remote tail -f on the log
shell             executes remote shell
usage             prints usage message
For help on a particular command, use 'remote help COMMAND'.

It uses remi’s simplecli gem.

I plan to add other commands as needed, or you can open up Remote::Commands and add your own. Install with: script/plugin install git://