zendesk_remote_auth gem makes Zendesk SSO easy!

I extracted how we are doing Zendesk remote authentication from an app at Dealer Ignition, and stuck it in a small gem for your enjoyment. You can find it on GitHub.

Installation and Setup


gem install tobias-zendesk_remote_auth


You will need to give the gem your token and authentication url, perhaps in an initializer:

Zendesk::RemoteAuth.token = 'YOUR-TOKEN'
Zendesk::RemoteAuth.auth_url = 'https://yourcompany.zendesk.com/access/remote/'

and config the gem in environment.rb (if using rails):

config.gem 'tobias-zendesk_remote_auth', :lib => 'zendesk_remote_auth', :source => http://gems.github.com'


Mixin the Zendesk::RemoteAuthHelper module wherever needed, then call:

zendesk_remote_auth_url(:name => 'user name',
                        :email => 'user email',
                        <optional params>)

This will return a url you can redirect the user to to log them in to your zendesk account.

As a convenience, you can pass a user object to zendesk_remote_auth_url:


This user must respond_to? :name and :email, and its :id will be used as the :external_id (making it useless with user objects that return an ephemeral object_id, but works well with ActiveRecord and the like). If the user object responds to :zendesk_organization, that will be used as the :o rganization for the call.

This method will generate and include the hash of the parameters for you if necessary.

Example Auth Controller

Here is an example controller that handles login and logout for zendesk:

# Uses restful-authentication style auth. 
# Define the following in routes.rb:
# map.with_options :controller => 'zendesk_auth' do |zd|
#   zd.connect '/zendesk/authorize', :action => 'authorize'
#   zd.connect '/zendesk/logout', :action => 'logout'
# end
class ZendeskAuthController < ApplicationController
    include Zendesk::RemoteAuthHelper
    skip_before_filter :login_required, :only => :logout
    def authorize
        redirect_to zendesk_remote_auth_url(current_user)
    def logout
        redirect_to logout_url
    def login_required
        if !logged_in?
            flash[:notice] = 'You must log in to access the support site.'
            redirect_to login_path