The commit feeds provided by github only list the files that changed, and do not include the diffs – github-rss fixes that. It is a simple web service that acts as a proxy and uses the github API to fill in the diff for each commit in the feed.


To use, simply give the app your feed url:

You can also use it with private repos, but you’ll need to provide your login and token, and you’ll need to escape the ‘?’ and ‘&’ in the feed url with ‘%3f’ and ‘%26’ respectively, like so:

Use it now!

I have an instance running on Heroku that you are free to use. Here is the feed for github-rss itself as a sample. If you are using github-rss with a private repo, I recommend you run your own instance instead of using mine. It doesn’t store your github token, but it does cache commit data in memcached, and do you trust me that much?


The source is available on github. If you run in to any problems, issues and pull requests are always welcome!